Our Board

Albert Zhu
Senior: Computer Science and Statistics
Celtics, Aaron Rodgers, Luka
Ameya Chander
Senior: Computer Science
Atlanta Sports & Celtics
Sean Wei
VP of Projects
Junior: Data Science
Chargers, Padres, and a lifetime of misery
Mark Cheung
VP of Data Journalism
Junior: Data Science
Boston, NBA Draft
Mark Maffeo
VP of Business
Junior: Applied Math
Raiders, A’s, Warriors
Kunal Dutta
Senior: Computer Science and Public Policy
Cal, Warriors, Sharks, Tom Brady -> Justin Herbert
Mirsol Kim
Senior: Statistics
LA Lakers, LA Dodgers, SF 49ers
Zach Liu
Project Coordinator
Senior: Data Science
Angus Lam
Projects Coordinator
Atticus Ginsborg
Co-Head of Data Journalism
Sophomore: Data Science and Economics
Yankees + Bay Area Teams
Josh Richland
Co-Head of Data Journalism
Sophomore: Data Science
Lakers, Dodgers, NY Giants
Arnav Singhvi
Sophomore: Computer Science and Data Science
Packers, A’s, Warriors
Devang Patel
Head of Events
Junior: Business
Heat, Man City, Mets, Jets
Tenley Gonor
Head of Marketing
Sophomore: Economics
Lakers, Rams, US Women’s National Team