The "College Game Goodness Index"

By Derek Topper | September 11, 2018

As I was watching Arizona State's upset of Michigan State over the weekend, I began to ponder if this was the best game of the season so far. Obviously, any game where a highly ranked team loses on a last second field goal is going to have been a pretty good game, but I was curious if this was better than some of the other games of the week. For instance, the Colorado-Nebraska and Clemson-Texas A&M Games were also very close and I wondered if there was a someone objective way to identify which game had the highest entertainment value. I couldn't find anything, so I made one.

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The Winners and Losers from NHL's 3v3 Overtime System

By Eric Herrmann | March 26, 2017

When a game goes to overtime in the NHL, the total number of skaters on the ice is cut down by four and the two teams play five minutes of 3-on-3 sudden death. The aim of the rule change was to cut down on boring, unfair and unpopular shootouts and increase the amount of overtime scoring to make that part of the game more fast paced and exciting. Halfway through the second season of its implementation, the question remains, has it achieved these aims or not?