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Is Pre-Injury Derrick Rose Back?

By Gonzalo Pato
We [the Chicago Bulls] are looking to sweep you [the Philadelphia 76ers] guys. You wanted us ... Continue Reading

NFL MVP: What It Means

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April 30, 2022

With the first round of the playoffs over, Arnav and Nathan return to recap the craziness of round 1 and to predict the future of round 2 of the NBA playoffs.

April 20, 2022

As the NBA playoffs begin, our cohosts Arnav and Nathan return to discuss their thoughts on what has gone down so far.

April 14, 2022

Our panelists discuss the wild NFL offseason moves.

April 13, 2022

Nathan and Arnav return to discuss the play-in tournament and the NBA playoffs coming soon.


The Impact of Innovative Medical Technology on the NBA

By Tyre Richardson | March 28, 2022

NBA Champion. NBA All-Star. The record-holder for most 3 pointers in a game. 37 points in a quarter. 60 points on 11 dribbles. Game 6 beast. These are all words that describe what has been an underrated career of Klay Thompson up to this point. Drafted by the Golden State Warriors in 2011, his accomplishments have been nothing short of amazing as he has continued to be loved and praised by DubNation. Yet, following the 2019 NBA Finals, I, along with hundreds of thousands of other Warrior fans, could not bear to relive the devastating moment in which he had attempted a dunk with Danny Green trailing. Falling and exerting enough force to tear his ACL - right away, this moment would be one that would crush, not only Thompson, but basketball fans all over the world.

Are You Really Cheering for Clothes?

By Paloma Mertel | March 28, 2022

While the frequent movement of players between teams creates a dynamic environment within the league, it can make fans feel as though they are, in the words of Jerry Sinefield, cheering for clothes. Many recent championship teams have been led to victory by players who were not acquired through their draft. Players such as LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the 2020 Los Angeles Lakers, Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry on the 2019 Toronto Raptors, Kevin Durant on the 2017 and 2018 Warriors, James and Chris Bosh on the 2012 and 2013 Miami Heat and others have offered no shortage of store-bought talent within the finals. Historically, however, NBA playoffs rosters followed a trend of being about 50% homegrown. So, are you really cheering for clothes?